Renee Hatty
Exercise Physiologist


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Renee is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, completing her Bachelor of Exercise Science through Wollongong University. Renee is a Member of Exercise and Sports Science Australia and is registered as an accredited exercise physiologist and exercise scientist. Renee has over 18 years in vocational case management, including management of occupational medical clinics for a number of years.

Renee performs exercise assessment and prescription for people with neurological conditions, metabolic conditions, and physical and intellectual disabilities. Within this, Renee works closely with a dietician practice. She can offer body composition scans with the ‘Inbody 770’, which helps guide exercise programs and track body composition changes that occur as a result of the exercise program. Renee offers services at the TTS Berrimah Clinic or at other appropriate settings such as preferred gyms, in the home or community locations. She has also enjoyed travelling to remote communities to offer services.

Renee has been heavily involved in promoting and improving community engagement in adaptive and inclusive sports in the Northern Territory. Renee holds a position on the board for the NT Wheelchair Rugby League Association and is hoping to have a competition running by the year 2020. She also assisted to start a new wheelchair basketball team that is used as safe environment for participants to trial the sport. Renee played in the team that took home the 2018 premiership of the Wheelchair Basketball League competition.

Renee is passionate about helping people engage in safe and enjoyable exercise and gain the benefits of a more active lifestyle. She takes a holistic and creative approach to help people set and achieve their exercise goals. Renee is passionate about finding ways to help people improve their motivation, resilience and self-efficacy, to maintain long-term exercise behaviours.

Renee has lived in the Territory for over 14 years. She loves the outdoor lifestyle including fishing, target shooting, volleyball. She has a loving husband and cheeky little son who keeps her on her toes.

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