Renee Hatty

Exercise Physiologist
08 8947 4780


Accredited Exercise Physiologist


Renee’s clinical philosophy is:

“Inclusion of all people to access safe and enjoyable exercise and to focus on long-term maintenance of an active lifestyle.”

Renee is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, completing her 4 year degree with Wollongong University. Renee has extensive experience working in the Comcare and Workers Compensation arena providing both vocational case management, assessments and clinical exercise treatment. Over this time, Renee has formed a strong interest in chronic pain and how the use of exercise can assist the, education, treatment and management of pain issues. Other areas of interest include exercise for psychological conditions and improving mental health, exercise interventions for complex cases involving physical and psychological conditions and using exercise to improve motivation, resilience and self-efficacy.

Renee’s current focus is with traumatic brain injury, stroke and neurological conditions. Her programs look at improving a person’s ability to complete exercise and gain the benefits of an active lifestyle while overcoming significant condition related barriers such as fatigue, depression, mobility restrictions and cognitive impairment. Renee’s clinical services also cover chronic conditions, pain conditions and improving physical function or work tolerances. Clients can be seen at the Berrimah Clinic or at other appropriate settings such as a preferred gym, in the home, at work or community locations.