Territory Therapy Solutions is an innovative and collaborative multi-disciplinary team, now offering speech therapy services to our clients in the Northern Territory. We are here to support adults complex physical disabilities and neurological impairments with their speech, language, fluency, literacy and social interactions. We provide outreach speech therapy throughout the Northern Territory, and also offer consultations in our clinic based in Darwin.  To address unmet needs, Territory Therapy Solutions will also support children requiring speech therapy assessment and treatment in very remote communities.

Services we offer here at TTS are:

  • Communication Assessment
  • Meal-Time Management Plan; Swallowing/Dysphagia Assessment
  • Swallowing/Dysphagia Assessment
  • Stuttering Treatment
  • Communication Therapy
  • AAC (Alternative & Augmentative Communication) Assessment & Training
  • Support Worker Training.

Our Speech Pathologist is now certified in LSVT LOUD! – Lee Silverman Voice Treatment

LSVT LOUD trains people with Parkinson’s Disease or other neurological conditions to use their voice at a more normal loudness level while speaking at home, work or in the community. LSVT is an intensive program with 4-hour sessions each week for 4 weeks. TTS can deliver the program in the clinic, at your home or via telehealth.


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