Our Story

Territory Therapy Solutions is a passionate team of award winning Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists providing Territory wide, high-quality, client-centred, culturally-aware, and goal-driven services that support our clients in reaching their maximum functional capacity.

Our team is complimented by a highly trained and experienced Psychologist, Exercise Physiologist and Allied Health Assistant.

Together, we have decades of experience of living and working in the Territory and understand the complex and varied needs of our clients.

Our Services

Do you want to be seen by an Occupational Therapist who really cares? Who is motivated to provide an independent, comprehensive and high quality assessment of your needs for a wheelchair, driving assessment, home modifications requirement or more, then please look further into what services we can provide to you no matter where you live in the Territory?

Do you want to be seen by a Physiotherapist who are highly skilled? Who are knowledgeable of and considerate of the broader issues affecting your current experience of neurological, spinal or vestibular condition and aim to assist you to achieve your maximum functional ability and self management of this, then please have a closer look at what physiotherapy services TTS can provide Territory wide.

Do you want to be seen by an Exercise Physiologist who is passionate? Whose goal is to get people with disabilities and injuries independently and safely exercising and playing sport to the best of their ability, then please also check out how Exercise Physiology can help you?

Do you want to be seen by a Psychologist who understands? Who wants to equip you with the strategies to deal with the issues experienced when living with a past trauma, pain or adjustment to a new injury or disability, then please look further into how our Psychologist can help you?

Our Experienced and Talented Team of Health Professionals

With over 80 years of combined experience living and working in the Northern Territory,
you are in good hands with Territory Therapy Solutions. We strive to provide excellence in occupational therapy, physiotherapy, psychology and rehabilitation services for all Territorians.

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